Project Life Week 7

Friday, March 21, 2014

I'm back with Week 7 - my least colorful week of Project Life. Ever! I was really digging black, white, and pink. It's kinda Valentine's Day, right? There's a little bit of Studio Calico, Kiwi, and Plus One sprinkled in there. I love how much you change the look of a kit by simply picking 2 or 3 colors and sticking to it for the whole spread. These pictures are not the best, but it's been overcast!

Full spread: So I went out and took a panorama picture of our backyard. Joe did something to it in PhotoShop and made it 3 4x6 photos for me to print. LOVE it! I will definitely be begging him to do this again for me.

Left side:

I cut out a calendar from a Studio Calico card and added it to another card.

Joe always takes care of me, even when he's hurt or injured.

Right side: we got 7.5 inches of snow - a huge snow for us!! I made our first snowman together... Joe was on crutches and mostly had to refresh my memory on snowmen and then supervise my building. We used jelly jeans for his eyes and mouth.

What's the biggest snow you had this year? Did you build a snowman? I'm so glad Spring is here now!!

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  1. Love the color palette, Emily, perfect for the week of Valentine's day!

  2. Love the Panorama shot in 3 pictures. really goes well on your pages.

    1. It's such a cool look... I want to use it again!

  3. LOve the panorama shot, tell Joe he needs to do a tutorial :) So we all know how to do it :) that's a good man there :) Glad that your enjoying the new job :) Super cute snowman. I think our biggest snowfall was about the same, nope no snowman here I hibernate in the winter to my craft room

    1. Hibernating in the craft room sounds fun, Tina!!


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