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Thursday, March 24, 2016

I've been too busy this month, which means little time for blogging! Currently I'm...

- not scrapbooking :( Boo! I have ideas for a couple of pages and if I'm doing Project Life this year, I better hop to it.
- attending a local fair as a vendor. I talked to lots of people about essential oils, answered questions, and spread the word!
- starting to think about our trip to Disney next month!
- figuring out Etsy
- trying to keep the house straightened up. My craft room is a bit of a disaster :/
- celebrating mine and Joe's 5th anniversary. We went to Gatlinburg and had dinner at the Peddler Steakhouse. 
- enjoying the beginning results of my new skincare. I started using the Soothe regimen from Rodan + Fields and it's already taking away a lot of my facial redness. I even went makeup free one day!
- volunteering at the hospital. Love driving the cart when the weather is nice!
- finding new podcasts to entertain me on my drive to and from work

What have you been up to lately?

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February Book Report

Monday, March 21, 2016

Still loving reading... but only finished a couple in February. That brings me up to 6 this year - my goal is 30!

First up was State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. It's a fictional book about studying people in the Amazon rain forest and developing a drug that could change how infertility is treated. I loved the characters and it was easy to get sucked in. I definitely want to read more of her books!

Second was Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. It's about a woman who becomes a caretaker for a terminally ill man. It was very good, but I had a hard time buying in all the way. I read reviews where people were sobbing at the end of the book, but I didn't connect to the characters that much.

Read anything good lately?

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Las Vegas and Grand Canyon

Thursday, March 3, 2016

We went to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing!! We had 7" of snow forecasted for the night before our flight (Monday 5:35am)... I was able to change our flight on Sunday afternoon and we drove to Charlotte to avoid the snow. Good thing we did! Our original flight was delayed by 8 hours!

I guess a lot of people had flight problems that day. We ended up with a row to ourselves. We took tons of photos out the window (I love flying by the way!). Here's Lake Mead as seen from above - this is is where the Hoover Dam is located.

We got a good deal and stayed at the Bellagio in the Spa Tower. Our room was fancy and gorgeous.

And came with a "partial fountain" view. We were actually able to see all of the fountains though!

We arrived right after Chinese New Year - Year of the Monkey. All of the hotels were decorated in Chinese lanterns and elaborate displays. Very cool!

Joe did the SkyJump at the Stratosphere. He jumped 855 ft off a perfectly good building :) I waited at the bottom.

We got to go back up to the indoor observation tower and look out. Amazing views from up here!

Fremont Street was a trip. There are tons of lights, music, street entertainers, bars, the Mob Museum, the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop (any Pawn Stars fans out there?)

We saw our first Cirque du Soleil show - Zarkana. It was really cool! Each scene had elaborate set ups and colors and there was a huge cast. Bonus - you can take pictures as long as there's no flash!

After the show, we went up to the observation deck on the Eiffel Tower at Paris hotel. So cool to see the city from this level!

On Wednesday we went to the Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon. We didn't take a dam tour because we just rented a car for one day and I was dying to get to the Grand Canyon West Rim.

Then we drove on to the Grand Canyon. This was Joe's first trip out West. Arizona is so pretty!! As you get close to the West Rim, you go through the Joshua Tree forests and everything is just gorgeous. I'm glad Joe drove so I could take lots of pics.

You can't take your phone or camera out on the SkyWalk but it was awesome. There's a glass floor and I'm afraid of heights, so I thought I would be freaked out - but I wasn't!

When we got back to Vegas that night, we stopped at the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign - so fun!

On Thursday we had breakfast at the Paris buffet, won some cash at Bally's slot machines, and checked out other hotels (New York New York, Planet Hollywood, etc). Joe found a Groupon for dinner at Treasure Island's buffet. $25 dinner with drinks for 2? SOLD.

We went back to Fremont to play the cheap slots on Friday. Joe won a $10 silver coin from the big Silver Strikes slot machine in 4 Queens. I got a couple of cheap souvenirs. And of course we saw Elvis :)

We spent the rest of the day having lunch at the Mirage before going to see Mat Franco's magic show. Fun trip!!

Have you been to Vegas? Or the Grand Canyon?

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Etsy Shop Now Open!

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

I've been working on a secret project and now it's live - I opened an Etsy shop!!

I'll be selling paper crafted goods (of course!) Most will have some gold foil (of course!) Some (but not all) have been inspired by my yoga practice. Right now I have:
  • mantra cards - these are inspirational messages that happen to be Project Life size (wink!) but can be used as positive affirmations, or as the focus of your yoga practice that day.
  • greeting cards
  • bookmarks with rainbow tassels
  • ready-to-frame art

I'll be adding more as I go along. I've been dying to tell everyone!!

Visit my shop here

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