The Sweetest Day

Monday, July 21, 2014

I made a scrapbook page about our wedding day. I used Webster's Pages "Sweet Routine" by Adrienne Looman. I tried stitching for the first time and really like how it turned out. I cut out the 3x3  squares and small circles from 12x12 pages in the collection.

I cut out the title on my Cameo. This is the gold foil paper from Silhouette. It's gorgeous!! 

I embellished using a MAMBI chipboard sticker set. I think the gold accents are a great compliment to the color scheme.

Have you scrapped your wedding day? Or your relationship with your significant other?

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Project Life Weeks 21 & 22

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Simple pages. That's what I'm feeling here lately. I combined weeks 21 & 22 and went back to my go-to Coral kit this time around. I was reminded of how much I love the colors in this kit!

Full spread:

Left side: Putt-Putt when Tommy was in town, Cheesecake Factory with Joe, pressure washing the back porch, and redoing the chimney.

Right side: a camping trip, riding our bikes on the Virginia Creeper trail, and Memorial Day.

I had fun with alphas this time:

And I'm almost out of those Studio Calico puffy asterisks! I've got a lot of mileage out of those stickers.

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Raskog Cart Organization

Monday, July 14, 2014

Today I thought I'd show you my Raskog cart from Ikea. Mom and I each got one of these last year when we went to CKC in Charlotte. I love how easy and convenient it is to store all of my PL supplies. I'm even more in love with it now that I added washi tape to my Raskog! This washi is from PinkFresh Studio. Adore!

Here's the whole cart. I have tall packs of stickers and alphas sideways in the front of the top tier. I'm able to quickly flip through them when I'm looking for something to embellish my pages.

I found this cute little storage box in the Target dollar spot. It holds puffy stickers, my ever-increasing MAMBI chipboard and clear stickers, cork embellishments, overlays, and rub ons.

This other basket on the top tier holds smaller alphas, photo frames, and other new embellishments.

I have a plastic Ikea tray in the second tier. It holds PL cards, enamel dots, flair, etc. I still have most of my PL cards in a Close to my Heart medium organizer box.

Washi tape, metal diecuts, and Cameo supplies are in plastic storage boxes in the bottom tier.

Do you have a Raskog?? What do you store in it?

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Project Life Weeks 19 & 20

Thursday, July 10, 2014

I combined weeks 19 & 20 into one spread and used the Happy kit and a couple Studio Calico cards. Happy was an exclusive kit from HSN (I think) and I was lucky enough to buy 1/3 kit online. The purchase involved stalking an ISO (in search of) thread and hoping/wishing that someone would finally have some and sell it! I find that getting 1/3 kit is the perfect amount for me. I don't get bored with it and I don't have too much repetition.

Full spread:

Left side: a new yoga bag from my BFF, a new past salad, and a new car for my brother.

Right side: Cinco de Mayo, Harley turned 15, catching up with a friend at Target, and a camping trip to Asheville.

Still loving those Jillibean alphas.

I dug out some Freckled Fawn enamel dots that match this PL kit pretty well!

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July 4th celebrations and a Bathroom Renovation

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend! Here's a few highlights from ours:

My first motorcycle ride. Still scared! Not totally convinced.
But not saying no totally.

We saw some great fireworks this weekend.

And I got a hug & kiss from the most precious puppy in the world. Seriously. She is sweeter than brown sugar. She turned 15 on Cinco de Mayo. I love this little baby more than I ever knew you could love a dog. 

Oh and we've been doing a little bathroom renovation here lately. We've been working on bits and pieces at a time and it's really coming along.

We started with this: a lovely pink sink and vanity, built-in cabinet (no drawers!), and lovely Wilson's Econ-o-Tile stuck 4ft up the wall in dark gray/white swirl with pink accents. It matches my pink tub (that will be the next project). I got rid of the pink toilet before I moved in several years ago.

Onto brighter days! Joe and his dad demo'd the old sink and installed the new vanity.

And here's the vanity installed!! Major improvements, but as you can see... there's still that problem of that obnoxious Econ-o-Tile

I'm ready to demo this crap off the walls :)

Then Joe and I went and bought supplies... bead board, chair rail, and baseboards. And I bought 5 different tiles to see what I might like best for a sink backsplash.

I told him all the pieces would fit in my small SUV :) hehe

Here's the first wall completely stripped of fake plastic tiles ... and now, with beautiful bead board installed! We have a smaller piece that will sit right on top of the chair rail and cover the old tile adhesive.

That same piece will finish the top of this chair rail too. We're far from being finished, but we LOVE it already. It's SOOOOOO much brighter in here. 

Next we'll be doing whatever it is you do to cover nail holes, get a paint for the bead board, and pick a color for the wall. We also have one more decorative piece that will go on top of the chair rail. And then the tiled backsplash.

Are they any home improvement projects you're currently working on?

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Project Life Week 18

Friday, July 4, 2014

Project Life week 18 was a full week! I enjoyed having enough content to make a full 2-page spread this time. As I've already said, I've been behind on PL all year and have recently become inspired to catch up. I got some of these cards from a new MAMBI pack from Michael's and love how this spread turned out. The 4x4 spots are nice sometimes!

Left side: a pic with my brother, a screenshot of my Fitbit steps from a day at Busch Gardens, and a cute little sticker collage.

I washi taped this 3x4 vellum card onto a larger card and added some of the highlights of our week. The gold stickers are some new MAMBI stickers (I love them, obviously!)

I made my title card for the week using Studio Calico labels and SN@P stickers.

Right side:

I almost sold this Studio Calico card since I didn't have a bike when I got the card... but now I'm so glad I kept it! 

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Social Scrapbooking

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hey! So if you're into the world of scrapbooking, you're probably already aware that Two Peas is shutting down shop, You can access your gallery, profile, pea mail, and classes through July 10. If you're not familiar with Two Peas, it was a great online scrapbooking shop with a huge forum. There were hundreds of thousands of Peas and now we're all displaced! I really miss the message boards most of all.

So there are a few places the displaced Peas have set up new homes. I'm still looking around the sites, getting involved, and figuring out which place suites me best. Also - make time to PeaMail anyone you can think of (before July 10) and let them know about these new homes.

The fastest-growing forum is 2 Peas Refugees over on ProBoards. There are over 2400 members on that forum! There's a lot of talking on the NSBR (not scrapbook related) board. There are several active threads in the Scrapbook categories too. No gallery here.

There's also the Feed Your Craft forum that Elise set up. I love how it's set up into Paper Crafting, and then subcategories like Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Project Life, Digital, and Photography. There is also a NSBR category, but those boards have been a little quieter. I was never into the NSBR boards. No gallery here.

Another site that was suggested to me was The layout there sort of reminds me of Two Peas. The boards seem pretty active. One advantage they have is a gallery. And they've even got a way for you to upload your Two Peas albums to your new account.

I also just found out about a new forum and gallery over at Paperclipping. I'm sure Noell and Izzy will do a great job at this new venture.

There's also a Facebook group called Power of the Peas. I joined it but haven't had a chance to look around it too much.

So where will you be going? Did I miss somewhere?
 Let me know!

I love reading each and every comment! Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!


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