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Monday, June 10, 2013

Don't you just hate when you're in the mood to smash or scrapbook, but you don't have any ideas??  I used to get 'stuck' all the time.  So today, I thought I would share some ideas for SMASHbook pages. I've been keeping a list of inspiring pages as I run across them. Of course, there are also tons of ideas pinned on my SMASHbook Pinterest board. Hopefully this list will inspire you to make a new page in your SMASHbook!

In my black All About Me SMASHbook, I want to add pages for:
1. Guilty Pleasures
2. Phone apps I use
3. 100 Things I love
4. Current and past jobs
5. Adjectives about me that start with E, M, I, L, and Y

In my white Wedding/Love SMASHbook, I want to add pages for:
1. making wedding jewelry with my mom
2. a great pic of my and my parents right before the ceremony
3. Joe's 'before the wedding' stories
4. me and Joe riding bikes @ camping world
5. Joe, the Most Interesting Man in the World

In my red Random/Challenges SMASHbook, I want to add pages for:
1. thrifting with #poppintags as the title
2. my craft room
3. washi tapes
4. something with a patchwork paper background
5. Zentangles

I just got the Green Tasty SMASHbook - I plan on adding favorite  and new restaurants, and favorite and new recipes.

Do you have any great ideas for me to add to my list??

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  1. Lots of fine ideas and some I didn't think of. There are so many things you can do with these books, pic growing up and maybe what you were doing during those stages, movies, tv show, books to name a few

  2. How are you getting SMASH on your books? Are you creating the cover or are you getting them from a publisher? They are ssssooooo great!!!!

    1. They're made by K & Company and they come with SMASH on them. You can find these books at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and sometimes TJMaxx for super cheap!

  3. favorite books ,sports,music,movies,talents,abilities,travel either have been to or want to go,best vacations,any skills u may have,dreams,ect.

  4. I collect stickers, tickets and other stuff while I travel for my "Travel" Smash book.

    1. I love collecting stuff to put in my books too! I try to grab something from the hotel too - a coaster, or a napkin, or a piece of notepad paper.

  5. My daughter-in-law purchased a Smash book because they have an international student from Paris staying with them. She has been collecting pictures, tickets and all kinds of memorabilia from all the places she visited while here in St. Louis for her Smash book. They are going to surprise her with it when she is getting ready to return home!


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