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Friday, February 28, 2014

 Welcome to The Pocket Source Blog Hop! You should have arrived from Wendy's blog.

Okay, so have you heard about The Pocket Source? It's a new website that was literally made for Project Lifers! There is a gallery, an active forum, a chance to have your layouts featured, free printable downloads, amazing blog posts, and giveaways. Join in the fun - it's free! Just sign up and start chatting, uploading your layouts, and learn something new. We can even be friends on there!

Today I've got a layout using the new Kiwi core kit edition. I can't say enough about this kit - I seriously love it. It's gorgeous. It's bright. It's fun. It has the perfect combination of colors. I love all the sayings on the cards. I thought it was perfect to use on my Jamaica layout. As you know, I'm already a little behind on PL this year. This trip was a little challenging to document since it spanned weeks 3 and 4. I finally decided the trip needed its own layout and a smaller insert.

Left side and front of insert:

Left side: our journey to get to Jamaica - interesting since Joe was injured and on crutches - and our room at the resort.

I didn't have anymore A's in these sparkly teal Thickers, so I used 3 V's turned upside down. I think it works!

I had Joe take this silly picture of us running through the airport. We always had a wheelchair waiting for us when we get off the plane, but they didn't have enough people to push on this connection - so I was the pusher :) The blurriness is perfect because it shows how hurried we were.

Front of insert - how we spent our days at the beach.

Back of insert and Right Side:

Back of insert: I love the black and white and the "lovely" evening cards, both from Studio Calico.

Right side: selfies, ice cream, and my favorite 6x6 paper cut down to a 4x6. It's from Studio Calico's new Wanderlust collection. 

These metal hearts are from the latest Freckled Fawn embellishment kit. I thought they looked nice on a pink Sunshine card.

Well that's all I have for this time... do you love the Kiwi kit as much as I do?? You can continue on the blog hop by visiting Cricket's blog. Be sure to check out all the posts - there's tons of inspiration!!

Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to check out The Pocket Source!

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I'm Alive!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Just a quick note to say that Yes, I'm Still Alive. It's been busy around here!

I'll be sharing my Jamaica layout (made with the Kiwi core kit!) on Friday.

I've been making some awesome stickers on the Cameo... I'm going to be using them throughout my One Little Word binder that I'm setting up.

I also helped my mom make decor for my cousin's baby shower. Sneak peek - there was a lot of Cameo usage involved!

I also have some pretty exciting news to share, but it will be a few days before I'm ready to spill the beans.

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Project Life Week 4

Friday, February 14, 2014

So here's the end of "week 4" (see my last PL entry to understand the dates...) My next PL post will be those beautiful Jamaica pictures!! I plan on spending Sunday on PL and setting up my One Little Word album. I just ordered it. It's so pretty!!

Onto the week's layout: Again, I didn't have a ton of pictures to use, so weeks 3 and 4 were great opportunities to do 1 page spreads. I purposefully made the layouts separate from one other. It wasn't important to me to make them coordinate since technically they're not the same week.

The blue 3x4 with hearts on it is one of my customized coral cards. Love it!

Love this chipboard heart I got from Michael's (made by MAMBI).

Snow and one of my favorite Kate Spade bags.

I had the urge to make banana bread (and no, I had never made it before). I got on Pinterest and found the best banana bread recipe available. It was SO GOOD!! I have a hard time using these thin Studio Calico stickers from January... they just don't show up enough for me, even with the washi behind it. Oh well - still cute!

I'm linking up my page on The Mom Creative - a great source of PL inspiration!

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Project Life Week 3

Monday, February 10, 2014

So with everything that's been going on, I'm already a little behind on Project Life. To further complicate matters, I had to get creative with the "weeks" for weeks 3 and 4 because our little trip to Jamaica went from a Friday to a Wednesday. So this "week 3" just covers Monday - Thursday of actual week 3. Later this week I'll share "week 4" which was Thursday - Sunday of actual week 4. I'm making a two page layout for our trip that will go right after weeks 3 and 4 in my book (that makes sense, right?). Being flexible with the format is just one of the reasons I love Project Life - there are no rules about how you have to do it!

I take pictures in the kitchen because there's a window that lets in just enough natural light (and eliminates most of the glare). Wouldn't you know that it was SO OVERCAST when I was taking pictures of this page.  Oh well.  Usually I put them on a countertop but this time I laid the page on top of my vintage kitchen cart.

This is a picture of the lunchbox note that Joe wrote for me on my last day at work!

I colored in some of the lines on this Midnight edition card. Totally changes the look, huh?

No picture, but I wrote a little update on Joe's knee.

My technician Brittany brought me a sweet card and a yummy cookie cake on our last shift together - so nice of her!

Do you ever get creative on the days of your "weeks"?

I linked up my midnight PL card at the Paper Issues "Fill Er Up" challenge.

I'm linking up my page on The Mom Creative - a great source of PL inspiration!

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Around Here

Friday, February 7, 2014

As of late...

  • Taking care of Joe after his knee surgery (as much as he will let me - he's very independent!)
  • Doing more laundry and cooking than I've done in a long time.
  • Starting my new job and LOVING my decision to leave the old one.
  • Enjoying the time off between jobs.
  • Processing paperwork, orientation, and training related to the new job.
  • Dealing with more snow and ice than I care to deal with. Which isn't much at all.
  • Getting behind in Project Life. Thank God it's not a race. Currently working on Week 4.
  • Not taking many pictures of everyday life. Gotta get back into that.
  • Responding to the daily documentation reminder I set up in the Momento app - every day so far this year! This makes it so much easier to catch up when you get behind on PL.
  • Still drinking hot tea. I even used the box lid from my favorite flavor in this layout.
  • Finally getting around to buying the supplies for One Little Word. More on that soonish. I mean it this time.
What's going on in your life?

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Customized Coral Project Life Cards

Monday, February 3, 2014

I decided to jazz up a few of the Coral kit duplicates. I won't use more than a couple of each card... unless I can really change the look of it. I really like having these ready to go - that way I can quickly add them to my weeks. It's easier for me to get in the zone and make several cards at once vs having to come up with a new idea every time I want a "different" card.

This is what the cards looked like originally:

And here are all the cards now!

These hearts are also from Michael's - part of the DCWV "Vintage" collection. I love them!

I simply added washi tape down this sentiment:

I put this sticker in the middle of the sun and then outlined the sun rays to make them stand out.

I got 10 copies of one of the front/back page cards... so I cut out the hexagon from one of them. This washi tape is from Studio Calico. 

I love this "happy little mess" stamp from the Chic Tags October kit. When I got the kit, I immediately stamped it on this quote die cut and have been looking for a reason to use it ever since. The little star is from Freckled Fawn.

Have you customized duplicate PL cards? Any suggestions?

I love reading each and every comment! Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook!


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