Project Life Week 45

Friday, December 6, 2013

Here is week 45. Ok, so part of the reason that I didn't have a ton of photos for week 44 was because... I couldn't take having Halloween and Christmas activities documented in the same week. I could not make those colors work. I take my holidays one at a time, thankyouverymuch! I fudged the dates a bit and moved our Christmas card session to this week instead.

Full week: I mostly used the Polka Dot Party mini kit this week. I really love these colors.

Left side:

I had to use this flair from Chic Tags on this card :)

Have ya'll seen the clear stickers from MAMBI? I got them at Michael's. Hope you like them, because I'm gonna use them on every picture I can (until I run out). They're available in black and white!!

Gotta love a great deal at TJMaxx.

Right side: all of those little cork stickers are from the November Oh Deer Me kit.

Here's a white clear sticker! LOVE!

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  1. Super cute pages:) Love the holiday pics too. Great date night also, I agree no phones :)

  2. What brand are your clear stickers ?

    1. They're from MAMBI (me and my big ideas). I got them at Michael's - there's a white pack and a black pack.


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