December 30 Days of Lists - Days 15-21

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Today I'm showing you Days 21-25 of the special December 30 Days of Lists challenge. I've made a simple tag style mini album (a first for me!) using the Project Life Winter theme pack. With all of the holiday happenings and magic, I've really enjoyed the simplicity of this project.

Day 15: I like to avoid:

Day 16: My favorite things to eat this time of year:

Day 17: I wish I had done more ______ this year:

Day 18: On my shopping list:

Day 19: Project I completed this year:

Day 20: I already posted this list since I got to host that day! Check it out here:

Day 21: Positive things from this week:

Hope your project is coming along nicely - the month is almost over!


  1. Cool projects completed list-looks like you had a good crafty year. Fun themes for the lists

    1. Yeah Tina - when I was making that list, I couldn't believe I had actually finished so many projects this year!

  2. Your mini looks great and fun topics for the quick lists!


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