Baby Blocks Decor

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A friend was throwing her sister a baby shower, and asked me to help her with part of the decorations. She was inspired by a picture she saw on Pinterest. I cut these letters and shapes using my Cameo. It seriously took just a few minutes, but had such a big impact. I cut everything out in brown, green, and yellow and gave her white card stock to glue it on.

The name of the baby is a secret, so she spelled out "boy" on the blocks:

I used parts of a couple of cut files I already had, and then bought a couple more cut files. How adorable is that baby deer? I shrunk the star, then duplicated it and scattered it on the turtle. It might be my favorite one... I cut the footprints out on the white card stock, then gave her a piece of brown to put behind it for color - that way she didn't have to glue down all those little toe prints.

She put them together using square boxes from work and some blue masking tape for the edges. How cute are these??

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  1. That's a super cute idea for a shower decoration.

    1. It turned out so great - she did an awesome job putting it together :)

  2. These are super cute! Love how they turned out!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I was really pleased with them!


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