Project Life Week 23

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Week 23 was busy busy as usual. I got new shoes, we went to the Blue Plum Festival, Dad helped us paint some touch-ups and clean the back porch, Joe changed my brake pads and rotors, we went shopping at Lowe's for succulents, and we had dinner outside for the first time this year.

Left Side: the 'captured' card and the black and white patterned card are the backs of Jade cards from last week, the blue 'right now' card is from Honey, and the pink journaling card is from Blush. I got new (cheap!) sunglasses and the nicest lady at Lenscrafters gave me a Coach hardshell glasses case for free!

I saved our fortunes from our Chinese take-out night.

Right Side: I used a WRMK pocket page. I love this layout, but I really hate these pocket pages - the pocket sizes are so inconsistent! I had to add extra cards to the right side of the page because those pockets are so wide. Very annoying!!

This printable is from Little Musings. It wasn't free, but you get lots of cards in the set, and it's pretty cheap!

Have you been to any local festivals lately? Are there any that you're looking forward to attending later this summer?

I'm linking up at The Mom Creative for Project Life Tuesday.

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  1. Nice spread! Thanks for the little mini review of the WRMK pocket pages, I'll steer clear of those when I'm out of my Becky Higgins.

    1. Thanks Tasha! It's a shame about the WRMK pocket pages, since the layout is so great!

  2. ohh love how you kept your fortunes! i do too but now i am going to try and put them on my pages!

  3. I agree it's a nice spread this week the picture of the flower is gorgeous! Thanks for the review of the WRMK pages- sounds like they aren't going to be universal for PL the different pocket pages.


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