December Daily Days 1-5

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

This year I purchased the main kit from Ali Edwards. I added some more papers, 3x4 cards, and stickers from my personal stash.

I love the 2x2 pages! It's so fun to fill up the squares with lots of different pieces from the kit (and my stash). I had to give that gold flecked "merry" cork piece a proper highlight!

I backed the 2x2 page with a leftover from last year's Calm & Bright set from Feed Your Craft.

Marie made these awesome December calendars again this year. I love the choices she gives and I centered my choice on a black and white MAMBI paper from my stash. I'll add more things to the calendar as the month goes along.

These big tags were included with my main kit because I was one of the first people to purchase it. I just added a couple of main kit embellishments.

I backed the tag with some super cute coffee cup scrapbook paper.

Day 1 was all about my holiday drink at Starbucks. My fave is the caramel brûlée latte. So good! My Starbucks didn't have any of the fun postcards or stickers that some people have found, so I grabbed a gift card. I always notice that Ali Edwards has a lot of see thru parts in her albums, and I love the airy quality that gives. I'm trying to be more conscious of that as I make my album this year.

Day 2 was spent rearranging my Pyrex display with Christmas colored dishes. I'm making it a priority to get more red pieces in 2018! Since I didn't have a lot, I supplemented with turquoise (got plenty of that!) and white dishes with turquoise color.

I was sick for a few days (just allergy/sinus junk) and spent a lot of time on the couch resting, watching TV, and reading. I trimmed a circular journaling card to fit into the middle of the wreath on the 6x8 page. It said "noel" and that didn't quite fit my page.

Day 4 - things we did in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Day 5 - Mom and I went Christmas shopping. We forgot to take a picture, so I used a Snapchat pic we took on Thanksgiving.

I did some stamping and embossing before December started, and I'm looking forward to using these pieces throughout my album.

I was inspired by Ali's felt circles in the Product Play class, so I created my own using card stock and twine.

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