30 Days of Lists - March 4-8, 2013

Friday, March 8, 2013

Here's another installment of my 30 Days of Lists book. I'm using the new mini Play SMASHbook by K&Co. I am loving this project so much! I'm using a long notepad to keep up with my lists each day. When I get some free time, I'm making a few pages at a time.

Day 4: On an average day -
I actually decided to make 2 lists since my days at work and my days off are so different. I used a day planner page for my work day since everything happens on a schedule. I used a pretty pink Martha Stewart sticky note for my off days because I get to do fun things on those days. 

#30lists, 30 days of lists

My day at work:

#30lists, 30 days of lists

My day off:

#30lists, 30 days of lists

Day 5: Things I would like to do by the end of this month:
I love that this list ended up being on this page - the pattern on the left side reminds me of post-it notes.

#30lists, 30 days of lists

Day 6: My Talents:

#30lists, 30 days of lists

Day 7: In My Bag

#30lists, 30 days of lists

Day 8: Comfort foods -
 the "make believe" saying on this page had me stuck for a while... but then I added "there's no calories" below it and it made sense. :)

#30lists, 30 days of lists

How are you doing on #30lists? Are you keeping up?

I love reading each and every comment! 
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  1. You got some cool pages there! Smart idea with the 2 day page spread for the average day cause we do treat them different.

    1. yes, my days on and off work are SO different! the only constants are coffee, mello yello, my hubby, and pinterest lol!


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