October and November Project Life 2016

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

October was a fun month and I made it fit into a 2 page spread.

Left side: Mom and I made cards for the Caring Heart Card Drive, a coworker gave me the most hilarious card, we celebrated another coworkers birthday

Right side: I did early voting (for life, now!!!), Joe replaced the burners and fixed our stove, and we went to Six Flags over Georgia for Halloween.

November was just one full size page and then an insert. I made 2 12x12 layouts for November (Cubs Win! and a Thanksgiving one I will share soon).

Hubby and I took a weekend trip to Chattanooga so I could go see Rob Bell. A friend of mine used to live there and gave us AMAZING restaurant recommendations.

One of my good friends from high school passed away unexpectedly. This is the first real friend I have ever lost. His death brought a lot of our high school friends back together to visit and reminisce. I created a private Facebook album so that all of us could view and upload photos. It sucks not having digital pics of those years. This tribute is just short and sweet and not fancy (just like Sean would have liked it).

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