100 Days Project Days 11-20

Monday, August 28, 2017

I'm back with 10 more days of the 100 Days Project.

Day 11: I was camping and had pretty limited supplies. I just threw a few things in a box and didn't think about what I was going to do with them. I used the Blah Blah Blah stamp from HoneyBee stamps and created this pattern. I will either put this on a card and send it to someone that's going through a rough time or is sick... or I will cut it down and put it into Project Life.

Day 12: I used this stamp I got from the Scrapbook Expo to create this bright and fun floral background. This will probably end up as a card.

Day 13: I made a card for a friend and used the technique from Day 11.

Day 14: I tried some of the wooden block stamps I bought at Michael's earlier this year. I was super disappointed in how unclear the stamped images were... the leaf one is from Studio Calico and it does work well though.

Day 15: I used a technique we learned at the Scrapbook Expo to make these two backgrounds for cards.

Day 16: I used a turnabout stamp from Concord and 9th and LOVE how it turned out!

Day 17: I went through my (12!!) roller stamps and stamped them onto cards and numbered the card and the stamp. I don't use these stamps as often as I used to, but I think by organizing them this way, I'll remember to grab them!

Day 18: I didn't use the exact same colors, but I used distress inks on the left photo, and distress oxides on the right. The oxides are so creamy and they mix really well. I spritzed water on them and let them dry. These may end up as card backgrounds.

Days 19 & 20: I tried to use a triangle turnabout stamp. I need a lot of practice, as this one's really tough to line up. Although i was frustrated with how it went, I kind of like these now...

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