Project Life Week 43

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

This week was one of those weeks that was truly a mishmash of products. I had so many dark photos! I wasn't particularly motivated to put this spread together but I ended up being satisfied with it overall.

Week 43: Joe sent me a pic from his job, I saw some of my favorite customers (after many years), I got a new iPad charm, got Joe a new $100 bill at work, and we went camping.

Left side: I love when Joe sends me pictures from his day. This little piggie was at a farm they were working at this week. The stitched ampersand card was something I received as a bonus from one of the Project Life card swaps I've done. I love it! Maybe I need to not be so lazy about stitching...

How cute is this little dog? It's from a Dear Lizzy accent and phrase sticker sheet.

Right side: I restarted an old crochet project, we went camping, and Joe took a picture of me that I liked!

I love this little camper!

This is my favorite Kraft card:

This little banner is from a Chic Tags monthly kit. I've bought October and November so far. I've really enjoyed both of them!

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  1. You use dear lizzy, too :) I love the little dog!

    1. I love the colors in the Dear Lizzy collection!

  2. I think your pages came together really well, love that you're not afraid to mix things up!

  3. I love that little Chic Tags banner - so cute. And the piggie!!!!! So so cute. You did a great job documenting and it looks great.

    1. Thanks Melissa. That pig is so adorable.

  4. Both the little dog and the camper are SUPER cute! Nicely done.


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