Project Life 2013 - Week 31

Friday, August 23, 2013

So Week 31 of Project Life has lots of journaling - much more than I usually do. I actually changed up my process this week. I've always started by printing photos, then filling in the empty spots with journaling, quotes, and filler cards. This week I started with the journaling - I want to make sure all of my stories are told - and then I added the pics and embellishments. I love how it turned out!

Full spread:

Left side: current favorite song, walking, a relaxing night in, silly selfie, and a housewarming party.

I made a cute filler card with little phrase stickers.

I used the journaling spot on a title card and added a small pic to the side:

I journaled about a relaxing night at home.

 Right side: bowling with the family, current television, wireless headset at work, fajitas at Casa Mexicana, Mom's new iPhone, plants.

This week I was motivated to play around with placing 4x6s in spots where there isn't actually a 4x6 slot. I want to give my pages a different look than what the pockets dictate. Sometimes I forget that I can make cards go across more than one pocket.

I've also been playing around with printing my pictures smaller than 3x4 and putting them on 3x4 cards to get a little more color on the page.

Need some more inspiration? Check out all the great pages at The Mom Creative's Project Life Tuesday.

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  1. awesome pages, love how journal heavy they are!

  2. Lookin' great! I love the journaling, your handwriting is also very nice!

    1. Thank you! I can get a little messy sometimes, but I took my time this time.

  3. Very nice.
    I like Robin Thicke too!

  4. Love the hooked on you block that is so cute! Congrats for getting the walking started, I really need to do that myself. such fun pages this week, I think the new tries are working out on the pages. Sweet!

    1. Thank you Tina! That "hooked on you" is from a Simple Stories summer line. There's so many cute 3x4s on that sheet.

  5. I love the focus on journaling. I think it is such an important part of the PL process. Nicely done!


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