30 Days of Lists: March 19, 25-30, 2013

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I'm getting ready for #30lists of September, and realized that I never shared some of my lists from March 2013! Here are lists from March 19, 25-30.

March 19: In the next year, I will:

March 25: When faced with a tough decision - 

March 26: Last year at this time I was:

March 27: Quotes getting me through the day/week/month:

March 28: This week I chose to:

March 29: I am grateful for:

March 30: mini manifesto:

I'm really looking forward to the September 30 Days of Lists - are you going to play along?

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  1. Have fun with that, I might give a try next year, but this year to hectic with all the other crafty things I'm doing.You do make your lists fun and interesting

    1. Will do Tina. I may go simpler this time around. I love how this book turned out but it took some time!

  2. I signed up and am going to do mine in a Smashbook :)


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