Project Life Weeks 31 and 32

Monday, September 15, 2014

For weeks 31 and 32, I tried something different and created a monochromatic layout. The green pillow Harley's resting her head on really caught my eye when I laid out my pictures for this week. This is a new method for me and I love how much it can change the look of a collection. I used black and white cards from the Midnight and Kiwi collections. The bright green mostly came from the Kiwi collection.

Full spread:

Left side: visiting with Dad and Harley, a #throwbackthursday Instagram of me and my bff Erin at Bonnaroo (10 years ago!!) and the bridge I walk across at work. I started at a new location (same company) this week.

Right side: CKC Charlotte with Mom. I used a PL card to leave Joe a note on the bathroom mirror, Mom and I donated lots of goodies at the show, we took 2 classes, and then drove around Saturday night taking pictures of downtown. Good stuff!

The green alphas and clear black stickers from MAMBI really tie the pages together.

I like those monochromatic look and will be using it again!

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  1. Love how your pages turned out, Emily!

  2. Love the monochromatic scheme! Pulls everything together. This turned out great! :)

    1. I like how it turned out too, Tammy, thanks

  3. Love how cohesive and calm this spread is! Nicely done!


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