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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

I joined a couple of card swaps for October. This one's theme is Geometric shapes. I'm really into graphic, geometric shapes at the moment, so this swap was perfect for me.

I used my Silhouette to make this card - First, I drew a rounded rectangle that was roughly 3"x4". I just drew a triangle, copied and rotated it twice, then copied and pasted those 3 triangles all over the card. I deleted any triangles that went beyond the 3"x4" card. (Does this make sense? If not, tell me - I will make a quick tutorial).

I decided to leave the card as is - I didn't attach another paper to it. I think it would look great with orange behind it (for fall) or green behind it (for Christmas or a nice December Daily) or blue (for a winter embellishment). I left it open so the recipient can decide what to do with it!

Which color do you think you would use behind it?

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  1. This is so perfect for the challenge. I like the green behind it, maybe even black for a "Santa" look. :)

    1. I did not even think of black - that would be awesome!!

  2. Love the triangles all over and the little polka dots.

  3. That is a fun card and I am sure the recipent's are going to love it.

  4. I'm with Lisa - go bold or go home! Love either a green or black :)


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