Project Life Smash - September 2012

Monday, September 16, 2013

Here's what I did for September 2012 in my Project Life SMASHbook - I used the pretty pink smashbook to do my own version of Project Life. I was testing it to see if I would be able to keep up with the "little things" that happened each month before I committed to doing a full blown Project Life 12x12 album.

We got new iPhones, my car got to 100.000 miles, we went to Knoxville, and ate at Cootie Brown's pizza. I printed my favorite Instagrams in 2x2 squares.

We went to Asheville to celebrate my husband's birthday. We ate at his (now favorite) steakhouse, Ruth's Chris. We also went to the Biltmore House for the day.

A big part of September was Rhythm and Roots - which is happening again in this weekend. I can't wait to go. I got a flier from the festival and washi taped it into my book. I included a few pictures and a description of the app we used at the festival.

You can turn the flier and see some of our favorite bands. I just cut out the description and picture of the bands and adhered them in the book.

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  1. That's what I am doing now in my Smashbook. A week "at a glance" so to speak. Project Life scares me! I don't think I do enough interesting things for it.

    1. I love smashing - it's so fun! And by the way - you're basically already doing PL then! :) You do enough interesting things! And remember - you don't have to do a 2-page spread for each week to do PL. Some people just do a few pages for each month. And others just insert cards as things happen - no defined time frames at all!!

  2. I love your approach to project life! I do project life in a 12x12 album and was very scared at first that I wouldn't have enough to fill pages, but on less interesting weeks I just do a 1 page spread + use filler cards when necessary. I'm loving it! It encourages me to celebrate the little things + take more photos because I always remind myself I need a few good ones each week! I just got some smashbooks and am going to start a project in them soon, but I haven't yet started...I'm scared of those! With project life if I don't like a pocket, I can just slide it out and throw it away, but once it's in my smashbook it's there to stay! Good luck with your project life :)

    1. Thanks Linda. I loved this project. Don't let the smashbooks intimidate you - they're fun! And you could always do something to PL cards and then glue them into your smashbooks :)


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