30 Days of Lists - Part 5

Monday, September 30, 2013

Here are days 20-25 of my #30 Lists project. You can see the rest of my pages here. I've been listing them here 5 at a time, but somehow forgot to include #20 in the last group. I was originally going to post my lists via Instagram every day - haven't really kept up with that. Oops! The important thing (to me) is that I've kept up with this project pretty well this time. I think making the book ahead of time was key for me.

Day 20: Things comforting me this week.

Day 21: My food pyramid. This is in the order that I like food, not necessarily the order in which I eat food. Sounds legit, right?

Day 22: Recent Dreams. I very rarely remember my dreams at night, so these are daydreams.

Day 23: Things People don't know about me because they don't bother to ask:

Day 24: How to have a better day:

Day 25: My family's quirks. I haven't named names, to protect the innocent. You know who you are. :)

September is over! Just one more post about #30 lists to come. Have I mentioned how much I heart this paper collection? Seriously!

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  1. What a neat list. You really got into this and shared some important-to-you things. I hope you get to work on your "How to Have a Better Day" list.

  2. Super cute list! Love the first one with the washi borderd and the letter on top of the washi. Cool stuff

  3. These look great. Love the idea of doing these.


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