Project Life App 2018: Weeks 14 - 18

Monday, May 21, 2018

New layouts! I meant to hit "publish" on this post a while ago but forgot. This method of one page in the PL App every week is still working for me!

Week 14

Week 15  - I love the colors in this week!

I again did a quick recap of our Disney trip. We did so many fun things that it was more difficult to narrow down the pics this time! I did a few Instagram stories and used several in this layout - they already have the place and what we're doing so that cut down on journaling and allowed me to include more pics!

Week 16
Week 17 - really all we did was work and go to Busch Gardens!

Week 18 - Walmart Pickup came into my life. OMG. Please use my link and save yourself $10 (and gift me $10). You'll thank me later!! I was also invited to share my scrapbooking story over on Crafty Julie's blog!
That's about it. I'll be sharing May PL App pages soon!

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