December Daily Days 23 - 27

Friday, December 30, 2016

After taking a week off, I got caught up on December Daily today. I've loved this project! Keeping embellishments to a minimum and having a kit has streamlined this project and made it doable.

Day 23 - I found an Elegant Collection Carly dress from LuLaRoe. I searched for Carly's for sale on instagram, got into a consultant's group on Facebook, and ordered the dress. She was able to get it for me before Christmas!

Day 24 - We had our annual Christmas Eve dinner at Mom & Dad's house and invited my aunt and uncle this year. We had a great time and used some photo props to create a fun picture. Although we accidentally left Dad out of the photo at the table, someone on Facebook combined 2 photos into 1 for me so I could include everyone! How generous of her!

Day 25 - we had our own Christmas at home, then went to Mom & Dad's, then went to Joe's parents house. I introduced his parents to Snapchat filters and fun was had by all.

Day 26 - I took the day off from work so Mom and I could go shopping. I woke up feeling kind of sick and almost skipped it, but I took Tylenol and some stomach meds and went anyway. So glad I did!

Day 27 - I began thinking about 2017 and making lists!

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  1. Super cute pages and love the snap chat pictures what fun is that! I'm looking forward to starting my Dec Daily next week as I'm waiting on the pictures I can decided which ones go where and use a photo mat for them till the come in. Have a Happy New Year Emily and Joe :)


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