SkyJump layout

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

So Joe did something crazy (to me) while we were in Vegas... he did the SkyJump at The Stratosphere! It's a jump from 855 feet (!).

Obviously I stayed at the bottom and waited for him. You'll never catch me bungee jumping or jumping out of a perfectly good plane... unless I was on The Amazing Race and absolutely HAD to... and even then, I don't know!

I included the certificate from the jump and added some 3D embellishments... I like how this cluster of 5 turned out! I've had that "oh snap!" camera for quite a while.

Would you do something like a jump from 855 feet?!

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  1. Your layout looks great, Emily! And nope, I'd be standing there on the ground right next to you! ;)

  2. Fantastic layout Emily :) I'm afraid of heights so I would be doing it I like being on the ground :)


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