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Monday, November 3, 2014


Enjoying the fall weather and beautiful leaves.

Eating in more often and making good food on cold nights (grilled cheese & tomato soup, chili)

Saying hello to alpacas.

Shopping for fall/winter clothes.

Rearranging a pharmacy. It's better now.

Attending yoga. Making it a priority to go at least once a week.

Looking forward to sunrise pictures Joe and I text each other. We drive in opposite directions to work. His pictures are better.

Starting to think about Christmas (!)

Loving working Saturdays. Joe drops me off at work and we stop for breakfast. He picks me up so we can have a nice "date night" dinner afterwards.

Watching TV in the evenings.

What are you up to these days??

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  1. It's been busy around here, the club my husband and I belong is going through their year end activities and the has been busy. With me leaving position of treasurer of the club that has also been busy preparing to transfer the financials. More time to scrap as the weather gets cooler. Preparing for the Christmas season and card giving

  2. Love how you and your dh text each other the sunrise photos, that's so sweet. I too am gearing up for Christmas and have started my shopping..doing great so far..hardest part is figuring out what to get everyone.

    Card making is ramping up and going home tonight to pack away all my Halloween Décor. My outside is heavily decorated so that is a big chore. Enjoy the rest of your day!


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