July 4th celebrations and a Bathroom Renovation

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Hope you had a happy 4th of July weekend! Here's a few highlights from ours:

My first motorcycle ride. Still scared! Not totally convinced.
But not saying no totally.

We saw some great fireworks this weekend.

And I got a hug & kiss from the most precious puppy in the world. Seriously. She is sweeter than brown sugar. She turned 15 on Cinco de Mayo. I love this little baby more than I ever knew you could love a dog. 

Oh and we've been doing a little bathroom renovation here lately. We've been working on bits and pieces at a time and it's really coming along.

We started with this: a lovely pink sink and vanity, built-in cabinet (no drawers!), and lovely Wilson's Econ-o-Tile stuck 4ft up the wall in dark gray/white swirl with pink accents. It matches my pink tub (that will be the next project). I got rid of the pink toilet before I moved in several years ago.

Onto brighter days! Joe and his dad demo'd the old sink and installed the new vanity.

And here's the vanity installed!! Major improvements, but as you can see... there's still that problem of that obnoxious Econ-o-Tile

I'm ready to demo this crap off the walls :)

Then Joe and I went and bought supplies... bead board, chair rail, and baseboards. And I bought 5 different tiles to see what I might like best for a sink backsplash.

I told him all the pieces would fit in my small SUV :) hehe

Here's the first wall completely stripped of fake plastic tiles ... and now, with beautiful bead board installed! We have a smaller piece that will sit right on top of the chair rail and cover the old tile adhesive.

That same piece will finish the top of this chair rail too. We're far from being finished, but we LOVE it already. It's SOOOOOO much brighter in here. Next we'll be doing whatever it is you do to cover nail holes, get a paint for the bead board, and pick a color for the wall. We also have one more decorative piece that will go on top of the chair rail. And then the tiled backsplash.

Are they any home improvement projects you're currently working on?

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  1. Wow, sweetie, your bathroom is looking awesome! Glad you had some fun over the weekend, too! I love motorcycle rides and have my license (because I had a scooter). Good for you for giving it a go! :)

    1. Thanks, Elise! I might like a scooter better than a motorcycle :)

  2. The bathroom looks awesome :) Don't you just love remolding projects :) Our fur babies and part of our lives happy birthday to yours :)

    1. I love when remodeling projects are over, Tina! And yes, Harley is more than just a pet :)

  3. Can't believe you ditched your pink toilet and sink! tee-hee :) Amazing work in the bathroom, it looks great!

    1. Haha! I did sort of still like the sink... but it was cracked and time to go!!

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend and don't you know retro is in..what were you thinking of removing that lovely pink sink :-)..your remodel looks awesome!

  5. Keep up your perseverance guys! I know it's gonna get tough, since plumbing problems are bound to surface, but at least you've got the best foot forward where to start. You have a firmer grasp on the sink and bathroom layout and the added fix, and with that everything will fall into place one by one. It's just a matter of added personnel, should those problems hit. All the best!

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total PLBG

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