Big Picture Classes: The Phone Photography Project

Monday, July 8, 2013

I signed up for the Phone Photography Project and I'm enjoying it! Every day, a challenge and interview is posted.  Here are some of my first pictures for the class:

Day 1: From Where I Stand

Day 4: Summer Food

Day 5: Family

Day 6: Be a Tourist in your own town (this isn't my town, but it's close enough)

I really like the 7 questions that are answered by each contributor, and thought I'd share my own answers.

1. What is an approximate estimate of your ratio of DSLR photos to phone photos?
99.9% iPhone 5. Hubby bought a DSLR and is in the process of learning how to use it. I don't have much patience for it. I prefer to just grab my phone and start snapping pictures.

2. How do you use your cameras? Describe your approach to taking DSLR photos vs. phone photos.
My iPhone is pretty much glued to my hand. It allows to me to quickly capture the little, every day moments. Before I had a camera on my phone, I wasn't able to capture these moments.

3. How has phoneography affected your photography in general?
It's made my photography exist! Seriously. I used to only bring my digital point-and-shoot camera with me on trips or to special events. Most of the time I didn't remember to use it. Then I would have to plug it into my computer and upload the pictures. It just didn't happen. With my iPhone, I have Photo Stream set up. My pictures are automatically uploaded to my Macbook Air. The quick accessibility makes sharing and printing so much easier!!

4. Describe your phoneography work flow.
I always take pictures using the Camera app on my phone. I can quickly crop and post them on Instagram, or add fun extras using the A Beautiful Mess app or Rhonna Designs.

5. Do you use different apps for different settings? Do you rotate between favorites? How do new apps on the market affect your approach?
I really only use 3 apps (Instagram, A Beautiful Mess, and Diptic). I just downloaded Rhonna Designs and have been playing around with it too.
Sometimes I use filters from Instagram. Some of my favorites are Early Bird, Mayfair, Amaro, X-Pro II, and Nashville. I adore the A Beautiful Mess app. The doodles and borders and fonts are too cute! I often use this app to edit my pictures, then I post through Instagram and sometimes share on Facebook. I use Diptic to make collages to use in Project Life. The new Rhonna Designs app is one that I've been playing with for a few days. There are so many options for fonts, phrases, and scrapbook elements! I love that you can delete an added element later if you want.

6. Do you have concerns about the real-time social nature of phoneography?
Somewhat... I do tag locations on photos, but not when I'm at my house.

7. Where do you learn about new apps?
Mostly from Facebook groups and Instagram.

How has phoneography affected your life?

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  1. Cool pictures. Love seeing what you all are doing with this class, I seen another girl posting on a Yahoo group what she did. Looks like a fun class and your having fun with it. Me not a phone geek, but looking forward to the scrapbusters class in Aug.

    1. Thanks Tina! I haven't heard of that Scrapbusters class. May have to look into it.

  2. I love answering those questions yourself!! I may have to steal that idea :)

  3. Great photos! I love the day one pic, but that might be because I'm jealous of your bag and your nail polish. I downloaded the Beautiful Mess app a few days ago and am having fun with it!

    I'm now following you on Instagram - my username is jennifergrace if you want to check out my feed too. x

    1. LOL Jennifer Grace! I heart that bag so much. And turquoise is my fave nail colors :) I just started following you on IG too! :)

  4. sounds like a great class. i too agree that the kate spade bag is awesome! love the photos and answers to questions.

  5. Very interesting! I am new to the phone photography world and LOVE it!

  6. How cool! TFS!! I don't really know much about this, so it is fun to see what you are doing. It sounds like a super fun class! :) Evie

  7. Great pictures! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Looks really interesting - may I ask about the URL to find out more about the class? Was very interesting reading your answers, too - TFS.

    1. Hey Cindy, the URL is


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