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Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year! I spent the day straightening up, finishing products, cleaning up my craft desk, and hanging out with hubby. I also made some Happy Planner stickers!

I started using the Happy Planner last year and I love that it's a disc bound system. That means I can add pages, remove them, add photos, and more. I'm not a big decorator but I do have a ridiculous sticker stash and I plan on using it a little more than I did last year. I need room to write, people! This is a functional planner.

So I'm using two planners this year and made stickers to go with each: a mini Shake it Up Happy Planner that I'm using for fitness (got it at Michael's). I made scale stickers and yoga stickers. I do a weekly weigh in and will add those stickers to the weekly pages. The yoga stickers will be put on the monthly pages on the days I do yoga. It will be neat to see those calendars at the end of the year!

My other planner is the classic Striped Floral Happy Planner for my every day stuff (it was a Hobby Lobby exclusive). I wanted a way to keep up with when I finished books so I'll add the book icon stickers to the bottom section of my planner on the days I finish a book. I've found that my week goes SO MUCH SMOOTHER when I make time to plan my week on Sundays... so I'll be adding these cute "Happy planner" stickers to my Sundays!

I made these stickers a couple of ways and thought I'd share in case you were inspired to make your own. In all cases, I opened the pictures of my planners in the design file so I could use the eye dropper tool to select colors from the planner. Then you have color coordinating stickers!

Scale: I bought some printable scale stickers on Etsy, copied and pasted one scale into Silhouette software, and traced it. I made the scale "no cut" and then drew a square around it for the cut lines.

Yoga: I took a regular cut file from the Silhouette store, made the lines "no cut" and then drew a circle around the yoga girl. I just had the circle lines as cut lines.

Book: same as the yoga girl except I made a square shape around it for the cut lines.

Happy Planner: I just drew this one out of basic shapes! I made a rectangle for the book, added a heart and drew little skinny rectangle boxes for the discs. Again I drew a shape around the whole thing for the cut line.

If you're like me and need a little reminder to schedule some planner time in, feel free to download the Happy Planner cut file for your Cameo! I left it editable so you can change the colors to match your planner if you want!

Do you use a Happy Planner?

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