December Daily Days 26-31

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I printed the last couple of pictures and finished up my December Daily yesterday. Last year I did a page every day, but this year I did them in small batches in an effort to not waste printer paper. It worked out well and the stories were still fresh in my mind so I think I'll try this process again in the future.

Day 26 - after Christmas shopping with Mom

Day 27 - lunch with my friend Mel

Day 28 - the treats and scents of Christmas

How pretty is this transparency sheet?!

Day 29 - my phone wallpaper for most of this month. I loved it!

Day 30 - we watched the play "White Christmas" with family

The playbook was literally like 100 pages of ads... I cut out the pertinent pages, taped them together, and glued the cover to the front. It works for me!

Pretty filler page

Day 31 - we went over to Asheville for a few hours and made it just before the snow and ice really started coming down. So glad we made it home - the interstate was shut down and people were stranded!

For the last page, I wrote about our New Year's Eve celebration at home.

December Daily is a wrap!

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