30 Days of Thankful Days 1-16

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

I tried a new project this November - a traveler's notebook! Mom gave me one that she received in her Felicity Jane kit and it sat on my desk for many months. I finally decided to put it to use and I love how it turned out. I used a certain date stamp for each day, and dug through my stash to find labels to use most of the time. Quick and simple!!

Day 1 - Joe
Day 2 - the kindness of friends

Day 3 - craft stuff
Day 4 - our camper

Day 5 - a slow day at Dollywood
Day 6 - taking time to notice our tree

Day 7 - a coffee date with a friend
Day 8 - paint your own pottery with a friend

Day 9 - my dad
Day 10 - yoga

Day 11 - sunset
Day 12 - last minute trip to Dollywood

Day 13 - my Kindle
Day 14 - the encouragement to try new recipes

Day 15 - my Happy Planner
Day 16 - podcasts

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