Project Life Week 52

Friday, January 10, 2014

So here it is - my last week of the year. I've never done such a huge project... I'm proud of myself for keeping up and not losing interest (most of the time anyway!)

Full spread: Christmas, New Years, and everything in between! I'm using the Coral edition for my PL 2014, and couldn't help but try it out this week :)

Left side: bowling, Starbucks, and a screenshot from the FitBit Joe got me for Christmas.

Right side: our Christmas presents, New Years, a silly FaceTime call with Mom, and me and my brother being stupid before Christmas Eve dinner.

Even though Christmas was in this week, I just added a little bit of Christmas flair:

And I just had to include one of those fun little shaker cards :)

If you did Project Life this year, are you caught up? How far did you make it?

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  1. Fun looking pages, congrats on completing 2013! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Coral kit, I love mine! :)

  2. Super cute pages and just love the silliness between you and your Mom, brings back fond memories for me with mine <3 Congrats on completing 2013 and moving on to 2014, you should be proud of yourself :) Loving that coral kit too, it looks very pretty. I'll be back in my 2013 this weekend and playing catch up when I can, but not a priority as I want to stay on top 2014 this year, got them printed for the past week and ready to do over the weekend :)

    1. I would definitely concentrate on 2014 - you can catch up (or not) on 2013 along with doing this years. Mom and I have fun together <3

  3. I'm so happy I found your lovely blog, i've just started my first scrapbook and could do with lots of inspiration! Thank you x

  4. Ace LO's I just LOVE that FaceTime screenshot <3 I take them for my PL too!


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