MAMBI Wall Art

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Have you seen the large clear stickers from Me and My Big Ideas? I've seen them at Michael's and at Hobby Lobby. There are several different categories, like Home and Life and Love. I just had to pick up a couple of them and create some wall art for my home!

 The "Hello" is a beautiful shiny gold, but looks a little green here with the light.

I got some cheap canvases and simply put these stickers right on top. They've held up really well (except for one!) I just used some spray adhesive on the back of that sticker and now it stays just fine.

Have you made a project with these stickers yet? I love them!

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  1. Super cute, I have not seen these but haven't been to Michaels in quite a while. birthday is coming up so maybe I'll get over and take a look at them

  2. These are wonderful for home decor! I haven't seen these stickers yet.

  3. You know I don't know that I have spied those stickers yet but I love what you did with them. Great wall d├ęcor.


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