26 Books - November

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

1. A book you own but haven't read
2 - a book that was made into a movie
3 - a book you pick solely because of the cover
4 - a book your friend loves
5 - a book published this year
6 - a book by an author you've never read before
7 - a book by an author you love
8 - a book at the bottom of your "to be read" pile
9 - a book with a color in the title
10 - a book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit
11 - a book you started but never finished
12 - a book with a lion, a witch, or a wardrobe
13 - a book with a female heroine
14 - a book set in the summer
15 - a book of poems
16 - a book you learned about because of this challenge
17 - a book that will make you smarter
18 - a book with a blue cover
19 - a book you were supposed to read in school. But didn't.
20 - a book "Everyone" has read but you
21 - a book with a great first line
22 - a book with pictures
23 - a book from the library
24 - a book you loved... read it again!
25 - a book that is more than 10 years old
26 - a book based on a true story 

I'm getting close to my 26 book goal! It's been fun doing this challenge. I've done more reading than I have in years. Time is running out a little bit - hope I read the rest before the year is up, but we shall see. The holidays are so busy!

For book 20, a book "everyone" has read but you, I chose Yes Please by Amy Pohler. It was funny but I just couldn't get into it. It's a collection of short essays so it's something you can pick up and put down any time though.

I started Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It really doesn't fit into any of the categories... so I'm changing the criteria for book 19 to "a book that teaches you something". That works for me! This book is pretty neat - she discusses inspiration, finding your creative flow, how to be in the moment and recognize those moments of pure genius.

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  1. You are so close Emily and I would say 19 would have been hard for me as well. I pretty much read whatever we were given in school, except those boring history books.

    1. Yeah I definitely didn't skip any reading assignments in school!

  2. Wonderful how your progressing with the list ! I bombed out in October when the new TV season got into play and I ended up watching more TV. Maybe after the holidays I can start the list again :) It sure was fun trying though :)


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