Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I'm currently:
  • trying green smoothies for the first time. Yup, spinach. Maybe kale. I got a NutriBullet at Walmart. I'm going to try the 30 day smoothie challenge over Simple Green Smoothies. It's free, so you should totally do it with me.   Got any recipes you want to share?
  • figuring out my approach to decluttering... have you read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up? I want to KonMari my entire house. Joe can't wait, haha. I'll start with clothes. I want to GET REAL about what I'm wearing, what I don't like, and clean out that closet. I've pared down purses over the years but still have work to do there. I'm pretty sure there are 2-3 I kept that I haven't carried since the last purge. 
  • using my Get to Work book to you know, plan my week. It's amazing how writing out my work schedule, appointments, current projects, and reminders helps keep me on track. I make notes when I have something coming up (like a coworkers birthday) and I need to bring something (cheese tray). Magic.
  • awaiting the arrival of a passport sized Traveler's Notebook (got it on Etsy) to keep up with all the little lists and notebooks I have going on. I've recently fell in love with small moleskin size books and hope they will work in this TN. I have a little notebook for smoothie recipes, essential oils/combos that I'm trying, and plans for a couple more.
  • ready to get caught up on Project Life. I've been a month or two behind all year, which is fine... but I have a couple of other projects I want to do and being caught up on PL will allow me to focus on other things. I've printed July's pictures. It always makes it easier for me when I have the pictures printed.
  • listening to daily drone updates/lessons from Joe. He got a drone for his birthday and is having fun learning to fly it. It is pretty neat to see the pictures over our house and of the sunrise.
  • watching for signs of fall. The temperatures are starting to get a bit cooler. A few leaves have started turning yellow, but no real reds yet. I think it's going to be a few more weeks.

How is fall looking for you right now?

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  1. Good luck with your goals, Emily! I think writing everything out makes it easier to visualize what you want to achieve. :)

  2. Oh I pare down my clothes all the time, super easy. Make a time capsule and place under your bed or in a closet..or just off season clothes. You can also decide what to purge by taking clothes in your closet that are hanging up and after you wear it you turn it so the hook is facing the opposite direction (i.e away from you before you wear it and towards you after) then say after 6 months you toss anything you haven't worn.

    I am off to check out your smoothie recipes. The only one I know of is with spinach, yogurt, milk and frozen mixed fruit.

    Fall for me is turning out nicely. Have a trip to DL planned week before Thanksgiving that really was supposed to be next year but the SW Land construction put a damper on those plans so moving it to an earlier date.

    1. Oh have fun at DL!! I hope to get some progress made on my closet on Tuesday when Im off work. Wish me luck!


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