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Monday, August 31, 2015

I finished yoga teacher training a couple weekends ago! I used graduation as an excuse to make a Project Life mini album :) I included a page about each student, a thank you section for our teachers, and short recaps of most of the subjects we covered. I made do with the pictures my teachers posted on Facebook. I mixed a bunch of Project life kits (High Five, Blush, Kiwi, etc). Today I'm showing you a few of the pages and cards I made for this book!

Here's the cover page. Next, I wrote a short letter to our teachers and listed all of our names.

I got my fellow students involved and made little kits for them. They each filled out a bio card, talked about their favorite topic/class we covered, added a little art piece/doodle/whatever, and a thank you note for the end. Here's how my page turned out (don't mind the glare): 

We definitely formed our own little tribe during this training. Love these people!!

I included a page about what our days looked like (generally speaking of course). I used an Ali Edwards stamp for the "weekend routine" and the days of the week are already printed on the Blush cards.

I stacked up all of our books and used a fun PL card from Ali Edwards' First Story Kit.

I'm so glad I bought these Melody Ross stickers on clearance a long time ago... they have really come in handy!!

I'm not sharing most of the pictures I put in the book due to privacy... but I made cards for many subjects we covered in class. This page has cards to represent Sun Salutations, Moon Salutations, a book called The Yoga Sutras, and a type of yoga called yoga nidra.

We explored Karma Yoga by doing selfless acts of service. We really made a difference in our communities and helped ourselves in the process!

We tried many types of yoga, including Paddleboard Yoga.

I used an app called Word Swag to make a card about the 8 limbs of yoga.

And enamel dots were the perfect size to make a card representing the 7 chakras.

Are you into yoga?

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  1. Congrats on completing your course, Emily, such a wonderful journey that must have been! Your mini album looks like it's full of memories that I know you'll enjoy looking back on for years to come! xo

  2. What a cute little mini book, I am sure you will relish looking through it in the future. I alas have only succumbed to Wii Yoga...lets just say some of it is ok but there are times I would like to punch that teacher..LOL I am sure IRL is completely different. Glad you turned your enjoyment into a teaching one so you can inspire others.

    1. Haha! I didn't know there was a yoga thing on Wii. I might have to plug it in and see what it looks like. Thanks for the kind words, Leslie.

  3. Nice little mini you got going there Emily :) Not a yoga person here sorry about that just don't have the time I guess :) But so glad your doing so great with it :)

    1. Thanks, Tina! I definitely put a ton of time into yoga for the last 6 months but it isn't always that intense!! It helps me relax and concentrate better.


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