Wedding Smashbook pages

Thursday, February 26, 2015

So when I was flipping through my Smashbooks the other day, I realized I had a few pages in my white Love/Wedding album I had never shared. These were completed over a year ago! This smashbook has a lot of great pages in it that I don't want to cover up!

Our wedding cake was so yummy. Joe's grooms cake was a tree stump with a chain saw on top - too cool! His mom made both of our cakes.

A few of the flowers Joe has given me over the years. 

Mr. and Mrs. - a couple of my favorite photos from the wedding.

Family portraits from our wedding:

Happy Smashing!

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  1. Just lovely photos and pages, you were a beautiful bride Emily :) and Joe cleans up really nice. Thank you for sharing these lost pages

  2. Beautiful photos, Emily and I can see why you don't want to cover up some of those fun pages in your Smashbook!

  3. Your cake sure looks dreamy and I love your bride photos. So darling! How much fun your smash book looks!

  4. So lovely, what a cute little cake your dh had.


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