Christmas ornament wreath

Thursday, December 18, 2014

I just wanted to share my Christmas wreath with you... It's hanging on my fireplace and I absolutely love it!

My mom and I made this a few years ago. We got a simple wreath (we used green, but a silver or other fun color would look good too) at a craft store. Then I dug through my ornament hoard stash and picked some duplicates out. We then hot glued the ornaments to the wreath. Done!

At the time, I only had 2 vintage plastic ornaments. We popped them in half and stuck them in 4 places around the wreath. I just got this big bow at Big Lots for $2 and added it to the wreath this year. Perfection!

Have you made a Christmas wreath for your fireplace or front door?

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  1. Such a fun project, Emily! This year we bought a fresh wreath, but maybe next year I'll make us one! :)

    1. I've never had a fresh wreath, Elise! I was actually thinking about getting one this year! lol


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