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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hey! So if you're into the world of scrapbooking, you're probably already aware that Two Peas is shutting down shop, You can access your gallery, profile, pea mail, and classes through July 10. If you're not familiar with Two Peas, it was a great online scrapbooking shop with a huge forum. There were hundreds of thousands of Peas and now we're all displaced! I really miss the message boards most of all.

So there are a few places the displaced Peas have set up new homes. I'm still looking around the sites, getting involved, and figuring out which place suites me best. Also - make time to PeaMail anyone you can think of (before July 10) and let them know about these new homes.

The fastest-growing forum is 2 Peas Refugees over on ProBoards. There are over 2400 members on that forum! There's a lot of talking on the NSBR (not scrapbook related) board. There are several active threads in the Scrapbook categories too. No gallery here.

There's also the Feed Your Craft forum that Elise set up. I love how it's set up into Paper Crafting, and then subcategories like Scrapbooking, Cardmaking, Project Life, Digital, and Photography. There is also a NSBR category, but those boards have been a little quieter. I was never into the NSBR boards. No gallery here.

Another site that was suggested to me was The layout there sort of reminds me of Two Peas. The boards seem pretty active. One advantage they have is a gallery. And they've even got a way for you to upload your Two Peas albums to your new account.

I also just found out about a new forum and gallery over at Paperclipping. I'm sure Noell and Izzy will do a great job at this new venture.

There's also a Facebook group called Power of the Peas. I joined it but haven't had a chance to look around it too much.

So where will you be going? Did I miss somewhere?
 Let me know!

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  1. Sad that they closed, but I understand. Thanks for all the spots to check out. I was not much for the boards other than buying and trading. I was more for the videos that I will miss, use to love to watch the PL Saturday videos

  2. Thanks for putting the word out, Emily! We've also got a FSOT board and I have considered adding a gallery. :)


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