Project Life Weeks 8 and 9

Friday, March 28, 2014

It's finally Friday! For some reason this has been a long week for me. I felt like Thursday was the end of the week. Wishful thinking, huh?!

I combined weeks 8 & 9 to make one Project Life layout. This time I used the Azure kit that I got from my blogging friend Elise (have you seen her blog?? She seriously does amazing projects! And her instagram gallery is to die for. I am constantly amazed at the photos she takes and how she interprets photo a day challenges). There are a few Azure cards that I don't think I'll ever use (mostly the butterfly ones) but overall this kit is gorgeous!

Full spread:

Left side: manicure, cookies, going out with friends, and hanging out with Mom.

I love the pages I've seen lately where people sew across a pocket and make it into triangles. I'm too lazy to drag out a sewing machine, so I just used my Project Life journaling pen to draw some "stitches" around this card. 

And this one:

Right side: visited Harley (and Dad), eating breakfast with Joe, X-rays at the doctors office. I *love* this picture of Joe... I like to try to sneak and take pictures of him when he isn't looking. He caught me on this one but it turned out great :)

I used this card to document the name of our favorite Mexican restaurant.

Simple fabric stickers (from Target!) and enamel dots:

Have a great weekend!!

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  1. Your pages look awesome, Emily, love the hand drawn stitches and your hubs totally has a look of "you've been busted"! :) Thanks so much for the kind words and hope you have a fab weekend! :)

    1. Thanks Elise. All the kind words were true :)

  2. What great pages and I love your dh photo. Hope he's doing well with his leg. Like you I am too lazy to hoist my machine out but maybe one day. I loved the faux stitching it adds a nice element.

    1. Thanks Leslie! He's doing much better... he's off crutches, started physical therapy, and has even been back to work a bit. No climbing as of yet though!

  3. Fantastic spread for these 2 weeks-I like the stitching going even if it is flax it looks cool! I'll have to keep that in mind about the triangles I have not kept up withe the current trends. Love Mexican food good choice and yes it is had sometimes to get that sneaky photo but the love is there :)

    1. that should be hard sometimes :) not had

    2. I love the look of the triangles... you will have to try it.


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